• Prof. Dr. Dieter Vaitl
  • Dipl.-Psych. Eberhard Bauer
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmidt


  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmidt


  • Beate Baumgartner


  • Andreas Fischer (archive)
  • Kirsten Krebber, M.A. (editor)
  • Karin Moos, M.A. (secretary, assistant)
  • Uwe Schellinger, M.A. (archive)
  • Dr. Frauke Schmitz-Gropengießer (secretary, assistant)


Natural Sciences and Experimental Research
  • Dr. Federico Alvarez Igarzábal
  • Dr. Shiva Khoshnoud
  • PD Dr. Jürgen Kornmeier
  • Dr. Ulrich Ott (BION)
  • PD Dr. Marc Wittmann
  • Damisela Linares Gutierrez, M.A. (PhD student)
Social and Cultural Research
  • Dr. Andreas Anton
  • Dipl.-Psych. Eberhard Bauer
  • Andreas Fischer
  • Dr. Liane Hofmann
  • Dr. Gerhard Mayer
  • Uwe Schellinger, M.A.
  • apl. Prof. Dr. Michael Schetsche
  • Dr. Ina Schmied-Knittel
Psychological Counseling Research
  • Dipl.-Psych. Eberhard Bauer
  • Dipl.-Psych. Wolfgang Fach
  • Dipl.-Psych. Ricarda Zöhn
  • Dipl.-Psych. Annette Zwickel

Research committee

The research committee prepares decision guidelines for the directors of the institute concerning project proposals. Basis for decisions are conformity to the statutes of the institute, quality, and the financial viability of the respective research.

  • Dipl.-Psych. Eberhard Bauer
  • PD Dr. Jürgen Kornmeier
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Schetsche
  • PD Dr. Marc Wittmann

Local ethics commitee