Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health (IGPP)

The Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health (IGPP) founded by the physician and psychologist Hans Bender in 1950 concentrated on systematic and interdisciplinary research of so far insufficiently understood phenomena and anomalies at the frontiers of our knowledge. These include conditions of altered states of consciousness, extraordinary human experiences, mind-matter interactions as well as their social, cultural, and historical context in the humane, social, and natural disciplines.

The IGPP maintains a broad-based counseling, information, and education program for people with extraordinary experiences, a large special library and archive for parapsychology and frontier areas of psychology.

One outstanding characteristic of the IGPP is its philosophy of neutrality and institutional independence. It is cooperating with numerous national and international universities and research institutes and is regularly involved in university programs for graduate students. It is financed by a private foundation. Today, the IGPP is the world's largest institution of its kind.